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30/35L BLACK trolley basket (as seen in ASDA Living, Halfords, World Duty Free etc)

  • £12.50

The best-selling M30, a 30-35 litre capacity wheeled basket from The Superbasket Plastic Group is the world’s most popular trolley basket, with in-store trials showing an Average Till Value (ATV) increase of 20%.

Proven to keep shoppers shopping for longer as they can pull it along once the load becomes too heavy to carry, these rolling baskets pay for themselves within a week, meaning additional profit for your store.

If you want to place a larger order of 500+ trolley baskets, please email us for special rates:

  • With a 30 - 35 litre capacity, the M30 from SuperBasket® is the World's most popular trolley basket
  • Preferred by 95% of shoppers
  • Dwell time proven to have increased by 30%
  • Sales (ATV) increase by 19%
  • Particularly useful for the “just buying dinner tonight” and elderly shoppers
  • When the load gets too heavy, customers pop the basket down onto its wheels and use the second handle to roll the basket along behind them, meaning they continue shopping in your store!
  • Available in 3 different colours from stock - Black, Blue, and Red
  • Other colours available (for large orders of 500 baskets) or more including: green, grey, orange, pink, purple, and yellow
  • Branding options include screen-printing your logo on both branding plates of the trolley basket (min qty = 500 baskets) or applying your logo as adhesive labels. Email us for more details:
  • Purpose-designed wheeled stacking units are available from stock
  • Give your customers the 21st Century shopping experience and watch your sales increase.
  • The production process uses Pantone colouring coding as per the chart below. The RAL Code is the closest colour match as per the charts. 
    Black 9017 Black C