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55/60L BLUE trolley basket - The M55 (as seen in ALDI)

  • £15.00

The blue M55, a 55-60 litre capacity wheeled basket from The Superbasket Plastic Group is great value offering nearly double the shopping capacity over the best-selling M30 trolley baskets for only a 20% increase in price!

As seen in ALDI.

The extra volume means that shoppers who want to buy more will be able to shop for longer in comfort, setting the trolley basket down and pulling it along once it becomes too heavy to carry

For orders of large quantities (500+), please call us on 0118 987 4521 for our bulk rates

  • Available in black, blue or green from stock
  • Nest in stacks of 20
  • Purpose-designed wheeled stacking units available from stock
  • Pay for themselves within days as shoppers buy more and spend more time in store
  • Highly recommended by customers
  • As Superbasket Plastic UK, we hold the sole UK distribution rights.
  • Give your customers the 21st Century shopping experience and watch your sales increase.
  • The production process uses Pantone colouring coding as per the chart below. The RAL Code is the closest colour match as per the charts. Please check with us before ordering if your branding requires a colour that is not listed. Call us on 0118 987 4521 for more info.


Blue 5002 286 C


You can download our Superbasket brochure by clicking here: Trolley Baskets Brochure

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