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VIP Membership Registration

Heavily discounted pricing for registered VIP Members!

To take advantage of this offer you'll need to register to receive occasional emails which will include offers and promotions exclusively for our VIP members.

Please register even if you already have a trade account with us - like many of you do.

(Please note that this is not the same as creating an account with our online store, which I'll ask you to do after you've registered as a VIP member).

How to Register?

1. It's easy. Just complete the simple form below, using your own direct contact details. Please don't use addresses like "" or "" unless that's your actual email as we all know that messages to these inboxes get lost in the fog and waste everybody's time.

2. Click to "Opt-in to receive Email"; choose who you're signing up with and also your business sector. Then click "Register for VIP Membership".

3. You'll be asked to prove that you're not a robot by clicking the Google reCAPTCHA . You'll then receive an email confirming your Registration details and sent to the Registration Success page.

3. We'll then add your details to our VIP Members Register.

4. We'll be sending registered VIP Members occasional exclusive offers by email but promise that you won't be bombarded with rubbish. We seem to receive lots of junk mail every day so know how annoying that is and guarantee that you won't get that from us.

5. If you don't have a need for any of our products or services then please give me a call on 0118 987 4521 with any suggestions for improving our portfolio.