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Project Managers

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If you are project managers delivering a new plan for a retailer, we want to work with you as part of your project team.


We understand that each scheme is unique and requires its own individual strategies to achieve perfect project completion.

We can help you in many ways:- 

  1. You may have a pre-schedule or Bill of Quantities (BoQ)that need fulfilment as part of the project delivery with a base cost or just a “general” unit-spec but may not have preferred suppliers to expedite those units required.
  2. You have a BoQ and predetermined unit specifications which you need a company to develop to prototype stage quickly or to supply products from stock off the shelf.
  3. You have no BoQ but need guidance on delivering units & equipment based on a basic single-stage tender sum for store equipment.

At AWP Retail we have over 50 years' experience supplying ready-made solutions to both independent consultants and project managers working for major retailers.

We can help you deliver the full equipment design pack from concept to completion, including managing the sourcing of equipment and/or using our own fabricators to carry out the work. 

Please call us on 0118 987 4521 if you need advice on your next retail project or get in touch by completing the simple form below. We'll get right back to you.