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Info - Trolley Baskets

We stock superior quality Trolley Baskets from The Superbasket Group.

Designed in Norway, these wheeled baskets are available in a range of size and colour combinations, from the bestselling 30 litre baskets all the way up to 80 litre version, known as “The Big Daddies” of these fantastic shopping baskets on wheels!

Proven to increase sales by up to 19%, our range of Trolley Baskets from Superbaskets come in a whole array of colours from stock, including black, blue, green, grey and red, and can be branded to include your logo and store name.

When the load gets too heavy, customers pop the basket down onto its wheels and use the second handle to roll the basket along behind them, meaning they continue shopping in your store for longer and fill their basket. No more customers heading to the till when their load gets too heavy to carry!

Perfect for providing shoppers with extra capacity, these pull along trolley baskets give customers the 21st Century shopping experience and keep them shopping for longer!

We also stock wheeled stacking units, meaning you can store your rolling baskets safely when not in use and easily move them to strategic positions within your store to meet customer demand.

If we don't happen to stock your preferred colour, then give us a call. Other bright colours and pantone/RAL colour mixes are available including orange, pink, purple & yellow for orders over 500 baskets. Please call us on 0118 987 4521 for more details.


We offer a 1 year standard warranty on all of our trolley baskets from Superbaskets.

Warranty covers:

  • Optimal functionality on wheels and handles
  • Durable wheels and basket-body
  • Low sound from wheels by rolling
  • No stripes on to the floor


Considerable savings to be made for orders of 500 baskets or more (50 boxes). Call us for our best prices on 0118 987 4521.