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Design Case Study - The Chiller Bin

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Booker Group is the UK's Leading Food wholesaler, comprising: Booker Wholesale, Makro, Booker Direct, Classic Drinks, Ritter Courivaud, Chef Direct, Premier, Family Shopper, Budgens,  and Londis

 Booker bought a design brief to AWP for a display that would compliment their meal deal promotion. The initial strategy was to merchandise 2 boxes of standard pack crisps by their chiller cabinets.

After surveying various stores and their selection of chiller units we drew up plans of an unobtrusive wire based hopper that could attach itself to the front fascia of the cabinet. Either by hook or using Velcro and adhesive pads. This allowed the unit to run along the length of 1-2-3 cabinets in situ, pending chiller set up. 

Initial prototypes were produced and the after a short fine-tuning process, the final design was passed for production, utilising an innovative inner support tray to merchandise complimentary products in the same bin.

The new "Multi Merchandiser" displays complimentary food stuffs for their food offerings such as jars of pickles for curry nights, dips for Chinese ready-meals, nuts & crisps for Beer & Wine sections.



The unit has been a tremendous success with us now offering a variety of cladding options to reflect a rustic or modern feel to the stores' atmosphere.


Please call us for more details: 0118 987 4521

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