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The Pelican Clothes Trolley

Keep customers shopping for longer and buying more with The Pelican!

  • No more draping clothes over your arm and heading for the checkout when the load gets too heavy.

  • The first trolley designed for the customer journey in clothing stores.

  • Use our slim & easily-manoeuvrable Pelican Trolley to increase sales of hanging clothing.




  • Holds at least 10 sets of hanging clothes from dresses to suits
  • Standard and small diameter hangers all fit.
  • Large mesh basket at the base to hold shoes etc.
  • Wire basket at the base as an option.
  • Handy pouch above the soft-grip handle for accessories and other smaller items.
  • Hook for handbags or shopping bags.
  • Swivel (or fixed rear) wheels with a light framework makes it easy to manoeuvre in tight aisles
  • Tapered design allows trolley nesting
  • Finished in bright zinc-plate and black mesh
  • Other finishes available incl copper, chrome or painted to your custom colours.


Call or email us for more information and customisation options:
Tel: 0118 987 4521