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Come Back to us

Enjoy 10% off for the whole of October!

You've bought from us (Arrow Wire Products) in the past but haven't bought anything recently, so I'd like to offer you an incentive to try us out again. This new website has some great offers and in addition to that, I'd like to offer you a discount voucher that will give you 10% off all of your purchases for the whole of October. No minimum spend, just 10% off of everything!

The only things you need to do are:

1. Register to receive our email offers

2. Create an online trading account with us.

3. Browse our website and enjoy discounted prices. 

You may have seen that we've re-branded and are now trading as AWP Retail Solutions. We aim to offer the same great value and customer service but with a new name.

Carriage will be charged as usual or you can collect for free from our factory in Reading with zero handling charges.


How to Register?

1. It's easy. Just complete the simple form below, using your own direct contact details. Please don't use addresses like "" or "" unless that's your actual email as we all know that messages to these inboxes get lost in the fog and waste everybody's time.

2. Click to "Opt-in to receive Email"; add your business sector then click "Register".

3. You'll be asked to prove that you're not a robot by clicking the Google reCAPTCHA . You'll then receive an email confirming your Registration details and sent to the Registration Success page which will give you your 10% discount voucher. Like many websites, you use the voucher during the checkout process, so the prices you see will be reduced by 10% when you checkout.

4. The code is valid for the whole of October and you can use it as many times as you like subject to our usual stock levels.

5. We'll be sending registered Members occasional exclusive offers by email but promise that you won't be bombarded with rubbish. We seem to receive lots of junk mail every day so know how annoying that is and guarantee that you won't get that from us.

6. If you don't have a need for any of our products or services then please give me a call on 0118 987 4521 with any suggestions for improving our portfolio.

Thanks for visiting this page,

 Gareth Darvall