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Stacking Baskets, Dividers

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Premium quality Easy-Fit wire dividers, designed by AWP Retail to offer multiple merchandising solutions for your stacking baskets.

Designed to fit each stacking basket in our range, these dividers come in 6 sizes including the Top Tray Divider. See chart below.

Three clever metal fittings on each divider ends ensure a perfect snug fit every time. The Top Tray divider only needs two metal fittings to ensure the snug fit.

The dividers come fully assembled and ready to use - straight out of the box.


  • Material: Wire.
  • Finish: Bright zinc (wire cut-points have been smoothed to avoid sharp edges).

DIMENSIONS (see chart below)

  • Height: varies with divider size (see chart below)
  • Base Depth: varies with divider size (see chart below)
  • Point Depth: varies with divider size (see chart below)
  • Weight: varies with divider size (see chart below)



Basket Base (mm) Point (mm) Height (mm) To Fit Weight (Kg)
SD/13 267 315 270 2FT13, MS13, STB13 0.38
SD/17 362 410 270 2FT17, MS17, STB17 0.45
SD/19 413 460 270 2FT19, MS19, STB19 0.56
SD/21 470 510 270 2FT21, MS21, STB21 0.68
SD/23 510 565 375 2FT23, MS23, STB23 0.90

 TOP TRAY DIVIDER - to suit all top trays (2FT, MS & STB)


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